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Skipper of the Month

Mike Terry Jnr

44-foot Atlantic Dawn

Fourth generation fisherman Mike Terry Junior always hoped to have an active role in the family business. Fishing was an integral part of his family’s livelihood growing up and Mike spent most of his days helping out on the boat.

Eight years after completing a plumbing qualification, Mike went back to his roots and rejoined the family business, Terry Trawling Company.

“It’s a great company to work for. Easy going, good company and everyone gets along,” he said.

Now 34, Mike skippers the 44-foot Atlantic Dawn. The family bought the boat four years ago from Newfoundland, Canada where Mike steamed it down to New York. From there, it was put on a container ship, brought out to Tauranga and steamed to Napier.

Atlantic Dawn travels out targeting a mix species such as gurnard, red cod, tarakihi and flat fish for one of the regional seafood companies.

“Jobs always have their ups and downs, but nothing beats being out on the boat on a lovely sunny day,” said Mike.

“It’s a job that requires a lot of persistence and time, but it’s also really rewarding when your efforts pay off and you’ve got the catch onboard.”

Typically, Mike and his crew do five-day trips on the Atlantic. If the weather is fine, they’ll unload and get ready to fish again the next day.

“You’re always doing something when you’re a fisherman. There’s no downtime until you get on a plane for a holiday, or until dad steps in for his turn to take the boat out,” Mike said.

“You live and breathe fishing.”

With a supportive partner in tow, Mike sees himself with a longstanding career in fishing and continuing the family fishing legacy.