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Our Board

The Fisheries Inshore New Zealand board meets every two months and all board meetings are open for members to attend as observers. If you wish to attend, please register your interest at

Members can request a copy of board minutes by emailing

  • Read the Fisheries Inshore New Zealand business plan here.
  • The Constitution of Fisheries Inshore New Zealand is available here.

Fisheries Inshore New Zealand board members:

  • Laws Lawson (Chairman) – Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Ltd
  • Greg Bishop – Leigh Fisheries Ltd
  • Anita Vela – Vela Quota Number One Ltd
  • Steve Tarrant – Moana New Zealand Ltd
  • Charles Hufflett – Pelagic and Tuna New Zealand Ltd
  • Andre Kotzikas – United Fisheries Ltd 
  • Phil Clow – representing ACE fishers 
  • Robert Odey – representing ACE fishers 
  • Doug Saunders-Loder –Talley’s Group Ltd and Southern Inshore Fisheries     Management Company Ltd
  • Bill Udy – Ngai Tahu Seafood Resources Ltd 
  • Colin Williams – Sanford Ltd 
  • Salvatore Zame – Gisborne Fisheries 1955 Ltd