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Seabed Mining - Trans-Tasman Resources

Trans-Tasman Resources Ltd (TTR) has applied for consent to mine iron sand from an area off the Taranaki Coast. The proposed mining site covers 66 square kilometres and is 22 to 36 kilometres offshore from Patea, in water depths ranging from 19 to 42 metres. TTR is seeking permission to excavate up to 50 million tonnes of seabed material per year, remove the iron ore and return around 45 million tonnes of sediment to the seafloor annually. It is proposed that this operation continue for up to 35 years.

Fisheries Inshore New Zealand has opposed this application, primarily based on the effect that sediment discharge may have on fisheries and general effects on the marine environment. 

Fisheries Inshore New Zealand’s submissions and evidence, and those of contracted experts, can be accessed here.

This is the second application to conduct this activity after the initial application was declined in 2014.