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Topical Issues

Our fisheries resources are highly valued. They provide commercial opportunities, regional employment, and fishing is a great leisure activity for thousands of kiwis. They are also of significant cultural and economic importance to Māori.

In short, there are multiple demands on these resources which makes management complex; particularly for a resource that fluctuates naturally and is inherently hard to quantify.

That’s not all. In addition to the demands we place on our fisheries directly, the marine environment that supports them is coming under increasing pressure too—sedimentation from rivers, pollution, at-sea waste disposal such as dredge spoil, seabed mining and climate change.

To varying degrees, these challenges gain prominence as various Government processes seek to address them.

This section provides the following information:


Acknowledgement of our shared fishery and its challenges.


The value of electronic monitoring once the information requirements and fisheries management regime have been addressed.


Fisheries Inshore's views, concerns and suggestions on the Future of Our Fisheries discussion document.


Fisheries Inshore’s opposition to the Trans-Tasman Resources Ltd (TTR) application to mine iron sand from an area off the Taranaki Coast.