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Small Vessel Surface Longline

Updated 11 October 2022.

Liaison Programme documentation:

Supplemental Information (18 pages total):

North Island Bottom Longline

Updated 11 October 2022.

Liaison Programme documentation:

Supplemental Information:

Harbour Coastal Set Net

Updated 14 June 2023

Liaison Programme documentation:

North Island specific information:

South Island specific information:

Supplemental Information:

  • Acoustic Pinger Use and Description (2 pages)
  • Conservation & Management NZ Sharks (7 pages

Coastal Trawler

Updated August 8, 2021.

North Island Packet (25 pages total)

South Island Packet (29 pages total)

Liaison Programme documentation:

  • Ten Golden Rules for Coastal Trawling to Save Protected Species (Version 2.1, 1 page)
  • Ten Golden Rules for NFPFS Catch Reports (2 pages)
  • Fisheries New Zealand Observer Audit Form (2 pages)

Supplemental Information (10 pages total):

  • Mitigation Standards to Reduce the Incidental Captures of Seabirds in New Zealand Commercial Fisheries <28 metre trawl (6 pages)
  • <28 m Trawl Protected Species Risk Management Plan: Observer Audit Form (1 page)
  • International and National Seabird Risk Frameworks (1 page)

North Island specific supplemental information:

  • North Island Coastal Trawl Operational Procedures for Protected Species Risk Management (Version 2.0, 10 pages)
  • Hector's and Mа̄ui dolphins Threat Management Plan North Island Fisheries Measures (2 pages)

South Island specific supplemental information:

  • Hector's and Mа̄ui dolphins Threat Management Plan South Island Fisheries Measures (2 pages)

Purse Seine

Updated August 02, 2021.

Purse Seine Operational Procedure for Protected Species Risk Management (version 1.0, 18 pages)
Ten Golden Rules for Purse Seine operations

Additional Resources

Onboard cameras: Guidelines for NZFCF and SNZ Inshore members (September 2023)

Ten Golden Rules for NFPSC Reporting (Version 2)

International & National Seabird Risk Framework (Version 2)

Resources for Fishers - DOC CSP Site

Black Petrel Electronic Monitoring Project (1 page)

Protected Species Information for Commercial Fishers - Flesh-Footed Shearwaters (1 page)